Spring Colors of 2016

Spring has officially sprung! We are all ready to shed our winter wardrobe and strap on our sandals for spring. Pantone revealed their Spring 2016 colors and we could not be more excited! This years colors are a refreshing change from the previous pastels we saw last year. InStyle declared the mix of colors this year will reflect calming and peaceful feelings with playful and bold hues. Below, we will show you some of our favorite outfits from the store and how to style them for the beautiful weather that lies ahead!


Rose Quartz
This is the number one color for spring, according to Glamour Fashion News. Rose Quartz gives a sense of compassion and playfulness. 
Pair with:  Peach Echo, Serenity, Lilac Gray


Peach Echo
A shade from the orange family, reflects a playful and warm feeling. 
Pair with: Rose Quartz, Serenity, Lilac Gray


We are feeling calm, cool and collected in this beautiful shade of blue.
Pair with: Buttercup, Snorkel Blue, Peach Echo


Snorkel Blue
It’s name says it all! Escape your day to day life with this adventurous color. This shade shows a happier side of navy. 
Pair with: Buttercup, Iced Coffee, Peach Echo


Limpet Shell
This crispy clear color will remind you that pool days are only a couple months away! Limpet Shell will add a fresh and calm look to your wardrobe this spring. 

Pair with: Iced Coffee, Peach Echo, Rose Quartz


Lilac Gray
The hint of lilac adds some edge to this classic shade of grey. Turn heads this spring and use this hue as your base color.
Pair with: Fiesta, Green Flash, Iced Coffee


This bright shade of sunshine is sure to send you to a happier place.
Pair with: Snorkel Blue, Serenity,  Lilac Gray


Springs “pop” of color, Fiesta will provide you with a feeling of excitement. This strong color will provide a bold contrast against the softer colors of spring.  

Pair with: Snorkel Blue, Green Flash, Limpet Shell


Iced Coffee
Another essential color for this season is Iced Coffee. This soft shade will reflect an earthier side for spring.
Pair with: Rose Quartz, Serenity, Lilac Gray


Green Flash
Inspired by the natural vibrant hues we see throughout our environment, mix this color into your wardrobe for a surprising twist this spring.
Pair with: Snorkel Blue, Serenity, Limpet Shell


“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves. With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.”
-Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Written by: Emily Durski

Photo credit:
Carley Scott Fields

Pantone color palette image by Kyle Heath on his blog




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