Prints, Patterns, and Textures…Oh My


Prints, patterns, and textures can be intimidating when working with your wardrobe. Don’t let your fear of the unknown cause you to miss this spring trend! We have come up with some simple guidelines to help you make the most of your closet.

Four Sisters


Start small
If you are a beginner at mixing prints, start small. Replace your solid white top with a graphic tee for an easy new look. Adding a patterned bag will tie this effortless look together.


Sharing is Caring
If a print is really busy, try pairing it with a matching color. If colors match, more than likely the pattern will too. We took another graphic tee and paired it with patterned shorts to show you another easy way to upgrade your look.


Inverse Colors
Another way to get your foot in the door with mixing and matching patterns is to try inverse colors. For example, pairing a white background with black print with a black background with white print. We found this amazing dress that did the work for us!

Know your Neutrals
Break out of your normal neutrals of black and white to stripes and leopard print. (Seriously, they go with anything!)

Size Really Does Matter
Make sure you pair a large print with a smaller print. Mixing prints of the same size will make you look off balanced.


Don’t Forget About Texture
If you’re still nervous about mixing patterns, adding texture to an outfit is another bold way to add variety to your look.

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