6 Tips for Surviving Wedding Season

Stressed about the upcoming wedding season? We have a few tips & tricks up our sleeves that are sure to get you through the craziness that is, Wedding Season.

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Find a Wedding Season Friend

The one thing about wedding season that’s a complete downer, is going to a wedding alone. But, thank goodness for the friends that include plus ones on their invitations because no one should have to go alone! Bringing a friend is one way you’re guaranteed to have fun, save money, and be present to help celebrate the happy couple. When plus ones are an option, take advantage of it. Grab your significant other or best friend to come along for the ride!


Pay Attention to Footwear

Choose your footwear wisely. Wedding season is not the time to try and break in a new pair of shoes. No matter how comfortable a pair of heels may be, after hours of being in them your feet will definitely be ready for a break. Choose something both cute and comfortable!

So Many Invites, So Little Time

When wedding season’s right around the corner, the invitations just keep coming and coming. Don’t feel obligated to go to EVERY single wedding because we all know, it can get stressful and a little pricey. It’s OKAY to just send the newlyweds a card saying congrats! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Luckily for you, we have a lot cute and fun cards at a reasonable price!

Appreciate the Moment

As wedding season comes into full circle; cakes, dresses, and decorations might start to look the same. It’s important to take a second, step back, and find the uniqueness of each experience. From dancing the night away to experiencing the true happiness of your loved ones, there’s something extraordinary about each and every wedding experience.


Take Time for Yourself

Let’s be honest, wedding season can be extremely stressful when every weekend is chock full of wedding events. From bachelorette parties to the actual wedding, you need to take some time for yourself and relax between all the craziness. Any of our scented candles, bath bombs, or soap rocks are the perfect way to do it!


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Eve & Liz

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