5 Accessories Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

Somehow we’re already in the middle of July and I don’t want to say it but… School is right around the corner. *GASP* Whether you’re going back to college or high school, these 5 accessories could complete any back-to-school outfit.



Everyone has that one pair of sunglasses that they ALWAYS wear. You’re never fully dressed without a killer pair of shades. Just a little word of advice, they also double as a headband to keep your hair out of your face. You’re welcome.



If you’re going for a simple shorts and t-shirt kind of day, spice it up with a detailed belt. It’s the perfect effortless look when you have your shirt tucked into your high-waisted shorts with a belt to complete the outfit.


Cross body Bags

We all know a girls best friend is her purse. It has everything in there. From lipstick to crumbled up receipts, it’s got your whole life in there. Cross body bags have quickly become the new thing to have. They’re simple and ideal for busy days when you just need to throw it on and go.


Statement Necklaces

Every wardrobe needs a statement necklace to make you feel like a diva. They can spice up even the simplest of outfits and can instantly dress anything up. From bold to neutral, you can find just about any necklace to fit your style. They’re all unique in their own special way.


Simple Earrings 

Honestly when it comes to earrings, simple is the way to go. Even if you’e having a bad hair day or your makeup isn’t blending right, you still have those earrings. The options are endless.



Maggie & Liz

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