6 Different Ways to Style Your Next Concert Outfit

Does anyone else have a hard time picking out outfits for concerts or is it just us? We know that there’s this unwritten rule about how you can’t wear merchandise from the artist you’re going to go see so, obviously you have to try and put a cute outfit together.  We decided to be kind human beings and put six outfits together hoping that it gives you inspiration for concerts in the future.

Let’s start with outdoor festivals/concerts.

Rule #1 for outdoor festivals, dress according to the weather. Nebraska’s weather honestly has a mind of its own. It can be extremely hot and humid or it’s down pouring to the point where you can’t see what’s in front of you.  More often than not, it will be hot. So, you want to dress as light as possible.

For the first outfit, this is for our graphic tee lovers out there. We paired our Weekend Lover Tee with a pair of high waisted shorts. To top off this look, we added our Aria belt and a pair of sunglasses because since you’re outside all day, you’ll want to protect your eyes from the sun.


For the second outfit, we went for more of a boho look with this one. Our Layla Top goes perfectly with our Frannie Fedora and high waisted shorts.  Our Layla top is appropriate for outdoor concerts because it’s light, flowy and you’re not restricted.


Upcoming Concerts:

Chris Young – July 27, 2017 (Stir Cove)

Maha Music Festival – August 19th, 2017  (Aksarben Village)

Moving on to Country Concerts.

Whether it’s indoors or outside, these two outfits are ideal for any venue your show is at.

For the first outfit, we thought our Off To The Races Dress was an excellent choice. When you first walk around the venue before the show starts, you’ll notice that almost every single girl either has a flowy dress on or high waisted shorts. Also, you can’t go to a country concert without wearing some form of boots. We recommend cowboy boots or ankle booties, you can’t go wrong with either choice. They’re a necessity.


For the second outfit, we went with a more airy option. Our Summer Fresh Top paired with your favorite pair of shorts is the way to go. The buttons on the shirt add a nice touch, along with it being off-the-shoulder. If you’re going for comfort, this is the shirt for you.



Upcoming Concerts:

Lady Antebellum – August 4th, 2017 ( Century Link Center)

Jake Owen – August 19th, 2017 (Blue Stem Farm)

We’re going to wrap things up with a Girls Night Out.

For the first outfit, this is for all you girls that are feeling fierce. Our Belmont Top paired with black skinny jeans is the perfect edgy outfit, especially if your jeans are ripped. We also paired our Madison West Crossbody to complete the outfit. This little bag is perfect to throw your favorite lipstick and phone in it.


For the second outfit, we went for a simple look that’s easy to move and dance around in. Our Modern Mix Up Bodysuit goes well with high waisted shorts.  To spice it up, you can add one of the chokers from our Easy Time Choker Set.


Upcoming Concerts:

Bruno Mars – August 7th, 2017 (Pinnacle Bank Arena)

Coldplay – August 14th, 2017 (Century Link Center)

Kendrick Lamar – August 18th, 2017 (Pinnacle Bank Arena)

Lady Gaga – August 19th, 2017 (Century Link Center)


We hope this blog post gave you that little spark of inspiration when it comes to styling your next concert outfit.


Maggie & Liz

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