Need a New Year Resolution Idea?


With 2018 upon us, everyone is making resolutions. I sometimes have found myself wondering what I’m going to work on in the coming year. This year it came to me easily, so I decided to share my resolution with you, as well as all of the resolutions of employees at Four Sisters Boutique!


Mackenzie: Travel more. I’m at the age where nothing is really holding me down at the moment, so I want to spend my time traveling more. My passport is expired so a goal of mine is to renew it and get on that plane!


Photo credit: stilclassics


Kenzie: Not eat out so much. Most of my money goes to food, so I’m going to try to be more responsible and make my own food instead of going to get fast food all the time!


Photo credit: Christopher Williams


Maiah: Do well in school! I just got accepted into Esthetician school, so I’m hoping to do well in all areas!IMG_9351.JPG


Sarah: To continue being healthy and become more confident. In October I started to work out at Orange Theory and I absolutely love it. It pushes me to work out harder than I ever have and I’m starting to see results. I want to continue to be successful in that!


Photo credit: Bruno Nascimento


Liz: Focus on my mental health. I struggled in 2017 with my anxiety a lot, so I want to be more aware of it in 2018 and learn how to manage/overcome it.


photo credit: Avrielle Suleiman


Alli: Be healthy and work out more. It’s cliché, but what better way to start off the new year? I’m really hoping to stick to it!


Photo credit: Katie Smith


Maddie: To start cooking! I have no idea how to cook and I figured now is the perfect time to start.


Photo credit: Chinh Le Duc


xoxo Mackenzie

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