Netflix and Binge

If you’re like me when you finish a Netflix show, you feel lost. Whether you’ve been watching a show for a few months, or you’ve been laying in bed for a month non-stop, I know as soon as you finish you start to question, “What do I do with my life now?”, “What show can I watch that will be worth my time?”. I want to help not only myself, but also you guys find a new show by asking all our employees here at Four Sisters what their favorite shows to binge watch are.

Greys Anatomy

 I love the drama. It always has something going on. Each episode there’s always a situation but they overcome it. I love seeing how all the characters have evolved through all the seasons. It only took about a month and a half to watch all of it from start to finish. -Mackenzie M.


I am currently binge watching Charmed. I just love witches and magic plus its a 90’s show! -Emily D.


How I Met Your Mother

I personally love this show because it has a mixture of emotions. It has made me laugh out loud and also cry. I felt such a connection to the characters through all the seasons. I watched this show two years ago and still find myself quoting it and watching reruns!      -Kenzie K

Stranger Things

I like this show because I wouldn’t say its scary, but it always keeps you on your toes. I love how it is set in the 80’s too. It makes it very different from other popular shows out there. My favorite character is Eleven because she’s such a strong role. I think it is really cool how someone so young can have such a big role in a such a big show! I also think how the show is shot and edited is unique too. -Liz R


Prison Break

Lincoln. He is so beautiful. I think I’m going to start watching it again! -Sarah S.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you decide what to watch next!

By Kenzie Kostszewa


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