Our Go To Morning Drinks!

We decided it would be fun to share what everyone at the store likes to drink each morning! Not everyone at Four Sisters is a coffee lover! Check out below and see if you’d try any of our girl’s go to orders!



Sarah – Owner

“I have to have a Non-fat no whip white Mocha from Starbucks. That’s when I’m cold and want to warm up. My go-to iced drink is an Iced Flat White with two pumps of White Mocha and 2 sweet n lows. That drink is for my early 6 am store revamps!”


Kenzie – Senior Shop Girl

“I have two moods.. one is an Iced Hazelnut Coffee with cream usually from Dunkin Donuts. If I’m feeling like something on the lighter side, I love getting the Prickly Pear Iced Tea from Scooters! It’s SO GOOD!”


Maddie – Store Manager

“This is so unfair! I can’t have caffeine because of migraines, so my go to drink in the morning is Root Beer or Chocolate Milk! It just depends on how I’m feeling that day!”

Mackenzie – Operations Managerimage.jpg

“As of last week, I am officially a coffee drinker now! I never really liked it before and opted for a Diet Coke in the mornings. I decided to try something new so I got the Iced Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte from Starbucks and now I’m addicted!”

Liz – Graphics and Photography

“I always get an Iced Venti Carmel Macchiato with an EXTRA shot of espresso from Starbucks! Gotta have energy for editing all the Four Sisters photos!”

Netflix and Binge

If you’re like me when you finish a Netflix show, you feel lost. Whether you’ve been watching a show for a few months, or you’ve been laying in bed for a month non-stop, I know as soon as you finish you start to question, “What do I do with my life now?”, “What show can I watch that will be worth my time?”. I want to help not only myself, but also you guys find a new show by asking all our employees here at Four Sisters what their favorite shows to binge watch are.

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Need a New Year Resolution Idea?


With 2018 upon us, everyone is making resolutions. I sometimes have found myself wondering what I’m going to work on in the coming year. This year it came to me easily, so I decided to share my resolution with you, as well as all of the resolutions of employees at Four Sisters Boutique!

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Our 3 Favorite Everything Blogs

It’s summer and it’s officially bikini season! Which means that everyone in our store, shopgirls and interns included, is on a fitness kick! While we’re focusing on eating healthy and working out, you can never go wrong with staying up to date with the newest lipstick shades, fashion trends and learning the keys to being a better person. That’s why we’ve come up with our three favorite everything blogs. By everything we mean the best blogs that showcase beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, career advice and whatever you can think would help you to be the best version of you.                      

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April’s Calendar of Events!


Here at Four Sisters Boutique, we strive to not only give our customers excellent service, but also give them experiences they won’t have at any other boutique! For the month of April, we have planned out some pretty fun events and listed some holidays and shows we are excited to celebrate and watch! Check out the calendar below, or click on the link and download it so you can stay in the know with everything going on at Four Sisters Boutique! Continue reading